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Hiding a message or other data in an image

1. Compress the data file u want to hide in a zip file.
2. Open MS-DOS prompt
3. Move to the directory that contains the .rar file and the image you wish to hide the text in.
4. Type a command similar to the below command.

copy /b image_name.jpg + compressed_file_name.rar

5. The process of hiding data is completed

6. Now to get back the file, rename the image file and change its extension to .zip
7. Extract the data file and u r done

Notice the size difference between the normal image and the image containing data.
Hope u like it pls comment if u hav any queries!!!!

This how Hacker send their secret message to another.

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Welcome to ashKAP!

Lemme welcome you in WP Style “HOWDY”!!! to ashKAP, my blog where I along with you would share everything we know about computers, programming basics & techniques,100% working codes, softwares, share cool links and newest technologies & gadgets on the block… so lets rip it out from within us and stick it here for everyone…

Thankya 🙂

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